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Citroen Xsara Picasso (Ситроен Ксара Пикассо). Руководство по ремонту, инструкция по эксплуатации. Модели с 2000 по 2002 год выпуска, оборудованные бензиновыми и дизельными двигателями

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Тип двигателя: бензин / дизель

что подарить автомобилисту, книга в подарок, подарок автомобилисту

Данное руководство может стать замечательным подарком автомобилисту. Ведь недаром говорят, что книга это лучший подарок, а если она еще и поможет автомобилисту в ремонте, обслуживании и эксплуатации своего автомобиля, Вы можете быть безусловно уверены в полезности  и актуальности своего подарка.

Обзор книги по ремонту Citroen Xsara Picasso


Living with your Citroen Xsara Picasso
Roadside repairs
Weekly checks
Lubricants and fluids
Tyre pressures
Routine maintenance and servicing
Repairs & overhaul
Engine and associated systems
Brakes and suspension
Body equipment
Wiring diagrams

Maintenance procedures - petrol engine models

Every 12 500 miles (20 000 km) or 12 months

Engine oil and filter renewal

Note: A suitable square-section wrench will be required to undo the sump drain plug. These wrenches can be obtained from most motor factors.

  • Frequent oil and filter changes are the most important preventative maintenance procedures which can be undertaken by the DIY owner. As engine oil ages, it becomes diluted and contaminated, which leads to premature engine wear.

Sump drain plug 1.6l Citroen Xsara Picasso 2000 Haynes

Sump drain plug location (arrowed) -1.6 litre engines

Sump drain plug 1.8l Citroen Xsara Picasso 2000 Haynes

Sump drain plug location (arrowed) -1.8 litre engines

  • Before starting this procedure, gather together all the necessary tools and materials. Also make sure that you have plenty of clean rags and newspapers handy, to mop up any spills. Ideally, the engine oil should be warm, as it will drain better, and any impurities suspended in the oil will be removed with it. Take care, however, not to touch the exhaust or any other hot parts of the engine when working under the vehicle. To avoid any possibility of scalding, and to protect yourself from possible skin irritants and other harmful contaminants in used engine oils, it is advisable to wear rubber gloves when carrying out this work. Access to the underside of the vehicle will be greatly improved if it can be raised on a lift, driven onto ramps, or jacked up and supported on axle stands (see Jacking and vehicle support).
  • Remove the engine undertray, then slacken the sump drain plug about half a turn (see illustrations). Position the draining container under the drain plug, then remove the plug completely. If possible, try to keep the plug pressed into the sump while unscrewing it by hand the last couple of turns (see Haynes Hint). Recover the sealing ring from the drain plug.
  • Allow some time for the old oil to drain, noting that it may be necessary to reposition the container as the oil flow slows to a trickle.
  • After all the oil has drained, wipe off the drain plug with a clean rag, and fit a new sealing washer. Clean the area around the drain plug opening, and refit the plug. Tighten the plug securely.
  • Move the container into position under the oil filter, which is located on the front facing side of the cylinder block.
  • On early 1.6 litre engines, and all 1.8 litre engines, the oil filter is of the disposable metal canister type screwed into the front of the cylinder block or into the oil filter housing on the front of the cylinder block. On later 1.6 litre engines, the oil filter consists of a separate disposable paper element contained in a plastic housing. The housing is located on the front of the cylinder block adjacent to the radiator hoses (see illustration). Proceed as follows according to filter type.

Catridge type Citroen Xsara Picasso 2000 Haynes

Cartridge type oil filter housing location (arrowed) - later 1.6 litre engines

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