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Dodge Caravan / Plymouth Voyager / Chrysler Town / Country / Mini-Vans (Додж Караван / Крайслер Таун / Кантри / Плимаус Вояджер). Руководство по ремонту, инструкция по эксплуатации. Модели с 1984 по 1995 год выпуска, оборудованные бензиновыми двигателями

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Данное руководство может стать замечательным подарком автомобилисту. Ведь недаром говорят, что книга это лучший подарок, а если она еще и поможет автомобилисту в ремонте, обслуживании и эксплуатации своего автомобиля, Вы можете быть безусловно уверены в полезности  и актуальности своего подарка.

Обзор книги по ремонту Dodge Caravan / Plymouth Voyager / Chrysler Town / Country / Mini-Vans


Introductory pages
Tune-up and routine maintance
Six cylinder inline engines
V8 engines
General engine overhaul procedures
Cooling, heatig and air conditioning systems
Fuel and exhaust systems
Engine electrical systems
Emissions control systems
Manual transmission
Automatic transmission
Clutch and driveline
Steering and suspension systems
Classis electrical system
Wiring diagrams

2.2l and 2.5l four-cylinder engines

Top Dead Center (TDC) for number one piston — locating

Note: The following procedure is based on the assumption that the sparkplug wires and distributor are correctly installed. If you are trying to locate TDC to install the distributor correctly, piston position must be determined by feeling for compression at the number one spark plug hole, then aligning the ignition timing marks as described in Step 8. In the event of timing belt breakage, remove the timing belt cover and align the marks on the camshaft sprocket as shown in illustration 6.19, then align the mark on the flywheel with the correct mark on the timing scale as directed in Step 4.

  • Top Dead Center (TDC) is the highest point in the cylinder that each piston reaches as it travels up-and-down when the crankshaft turns. Each piston reaches TDC on the compression stroke and again on the exhaust stroke, but TDC generally refers to piston position on the compression stroke
  • Positioning the piston(s) at TDC is an essential part of many procedures such as camshaft and timing belt/sprocket removal and distributor removal.
  • Before beginning this procedure, be sure to place the transmission in Neutral and apply the parking brake or block the rear wheels. Also, disable the ignition system by detaching the coil wire from the center terminal of the distributor cap and grounding it on the block with a jumper wire. Remove the spark plugs (see Chapter 1).
  • In order to bring any piston to TDC, the crankshaft must be turned using one of the methods outlined below. When looking at the front of the engine, normal crankshaft rotation is clockwise.
  1. The preferred method is to turn the crankshaft with a socket and ratchet attached to the bolt threaded into the front of the crankshaft.
  2. A remote starter switch, which may save some time, can also be used. Follow the instructions included with the switch. Once the piston is close to TDC, use a socket and ratchet as described in the previous paragraph.
  3. If an assistant is available to turn the ignition switch to the Start position in short bursts, you can get the piston close to TDC without a remote starter switch. Make sure your assistant is out of the vehicle, away from the ignition switch, then use a socket and ratchet as described in Paragraph a) to complete the procedure.
  • Note the position of the terminal for the number one spark plug wire on the distributor cap. If the terminal isn’t marked, follow the plug wire from the number one cylinder spark plug to the cap.
  • Use a felt-tip pen or chalk to make a mark on the distributor body directly under the terminal (see illustration).
  • Detach the cap from the distributor and set it aside (see Chapter 1 if necessary).
  • Locate the round window in the bellhousing. You’ll see the timing increments on the edge of the window. Turn the crankshaft (see Paragraph 3 above) until the TDC mark (zero) on the edge of the bellhousing is aligned with the groove in the flywheel (see illustration).

Terminal spark plug wire Dodge Caravan 1985g Haynes

Use a felt-tip marker or chalk to mark the distributor housing directly beneath the number one spark plug wire terminal

Piston to TDC Dodge Caravan 1985 Haynes

When you’re bringing the number one piston to TDC, look at the timing mark on the edge of the flywheel/driveplate through the opening in the bellhousing, and align the mark with the 0-degree mark

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